This is just pictures that I take and my thoughts.

Here it is mum, this will always be your song. 

itsalesbianx3 asked: “I want you to know, I saw your picture and it made me smile, then I saw your video of Say Something I'm Giving up on you, and well <3 it was really super good. x I like how you have your own little take on it. Just when I thought you wouldn't hit the alto notes you nail it. xx”

Awh thank you aha :) and again thank you very much, i’m glad you liked it!! Yeah I try and do covers a little different sometimes, ahh I surprised you then aha, I’m glad!! :) xx

A Thousand Years (Cover by Tiffany Robinson)

Dead Ends @ The Camden Fringe 2014


Yay, it’s my birthday!?

Playing my guitar is my life. She’s my baby!!

Playing my guitar is my life. She’s my baby!!

An Original of mine - Woman Like You. 

It’s about strong women!! 

Cover of Say Something. Enjoy? :) 

An Original Song of mine - I Wanna.